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Outstanding academic profile in all aspects, acquiring national and international experience generating and sharing frontier knowledge, as well as teaching courses, subjects and workshops in my areas of expertise.

In addition to an excellent command of English [TOEFL 653], I have sought to cultivate myself in teaching methodology and technique, becoming certified in the Teaching Skills Development program of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and competency-based education. In terms of entrepreneurship, to date I have launched several initiatives, successfully positioning several of them in the market. Also participating as legal counsel in multiple Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain projects that are about to be launched.

  • AI Ethics Coordinator / fAIR LAC Jalisco Participate in the elaboration of the internal regulations of the first Ethics Council applied to AI, in addition to collaborating as Technical Secretary of this organization that seeks to guide a fair use of AI.}

  • Consultant / Legal Hub TechnoLawGeek Advising technology companies on issues of corporate structure, compliance, PLD/FT and Mexican regulatory framework. Successfully generating two files to operate as IFPE.

  • Professor / Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. Teaching the subjects of Legal Framework of Business, Communication Regulations, Commercial Companies, Commercial Papers and Legality and Responsible Business. Becoming one of the best evaluated professors of the School of Social Sciences and Government for consecutive semesters.

  • Doctorate / Universities of ANUIES occidente Currently in progress, inter-institutional doctorate research under the line of Law by the Influence of Technology, applied specifically to the reconfiguration of the principle of representativeness and citizen legitimacy to participate in democracy via ICT's.

  • Master's Degree / Universidad Panamericana Master's Degree in Commercial and Business Law, Specialization in Civil and Commercial Procedural Law, Specialization in Contract and Obligations Law, Seminar in Philosophy of Law, Seminar in Scientific and Legal Research. Degree with Honorable Mention.

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