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As human beings we are capable of taking materials and with an idea, with effort, ingenuity and inspiration we transform it into tools, food, transportation, etc. Creation is what makes me human and what I am.

More than 20 years of experience in brand development and corporate communication working independently as a freelance, as well as CEO and founder of Nueve Zero Design S.A. de C.V., which has allowed me to venture into various types of industries and at multiple levels, creating solid and effective brands that are successfully positioned in their markets. From each project I have obtained growth and learning that have given me a broader and more analytical vision of the needs of each project and the requirements that will lead to success.

  • Developing customized integral projects, starting with the initial concept and naming, continuing with the construction of the global graphic image and visual communication, including the design of products and services, both physical and digital catalogs, brochures, annual reports, magazines, etc.

  • In the same way I have participated in the creation of corporate websites as well as e-commerce, in HTML, WordPress and PrestaShop, from Copy, digital image retouching, information flow design, UX / UI, development and SEO optimization. In the multimedia field creating corporate videos, promotional and educational videos, planning and executing product photos, construction photos, etc.

  • Venturing into the design of building facades, canopies, offices, show rooms and boutiques, as well as furniture, jewelry and industrial promotional design.

  • From small coffee shops, to health insurance companies, gas station franchises, the most important industrial kitchen companies in the country, the food industry, olfactory marketing, etc. as well as government institutions such as CNA and INBA.

  • Working for brands such as SONY, BACARDI, CHIVAS REGAL, UVM, JOHNSON & JOHNSON and ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL developing diverse advertising materials, POS and stands.

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